Gunpowder Plot Starting Points on the Web

Pondering some of the ideas I suggested the other day, I decided to check out what was available on the web to use as starting points, or that can be adapted to use with students as shared text material.

Here are some links that looked potentially interesting as stimuli for the kinds of things I was talking about. Using some of these as shared text resources initially it will be possible to unpick what this plot was all about, and begin to piece together and sequence events. There are some nice images we might download to use in storyboarding or visually scripting our work, we could also "collect, store and share" these on the network, to use in any of the tools I mentioned in my previous post. There is a lot of background information from different sources, so with older students we could use this to compare accounts, picking out the common threads and checking out inconsistencies. I like the search the cellars quiz game from the BBC that I might use with my class to consolidate the key facts, but it might also be a fun way for older students to check the notes they have taken, or plans they have drafted to ensure they have included the key ideas. My favourite find was the contemporary newspaper report, the language is beautiful, and very diferent from the style we would expect in a newspaper today.. Could be interesting to discuss how the style of a newsheet has changed over time.

Links for Gunpowder Plot Projects

Firework Code and Firework Safety

Here are a few additional links to materials from the Department for Business, enterprise and Regulatory Reform about Firework Safety

Firework Code Resources from BERR.

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