Comic Life For Windows Released:

Thanks to Richard Anderson for letting me know about the commercial release of Plasq's Comic Life for Windows. I have been using this software with my Mac for a while now too, and waited with anticipation for its release before thinking more deeply about how I want to promote its use and my reasons for purchasing it initially as a literacy resource. I feel comic strips and storyboarding have immense potential in school, and afford many opportunities for supporting cross curricular literacy activities across all abilities in the classroom.

When I have finished test driving the download, I hope to be digging into my budget to sell (figuratively I Mean) this software tool to my colleagues as a resource in our arsenal to attract and engage not only our reluctant recorders but all of our young cares with the fun that can be had in authorship. I have already begun exploring for myself why I think this is, in order to firm up my persuasion of others as to the value that this tool among other multimodal resources may have in the classroom.

Visiting the site today there are two versions of the public release available
  • The Standard Version priced at £12.92
  • and Deluxe version at £15.50 .

There are also educational site license bundles, dual platform (Mac and PC) with a 50 seat license for example costing £154.72.

Since it is a break time, I have just downloaded the 30 day trial version of the software to have a play and check out the cross platform compatibility promised. If you want to have ago for yourself trial software can be downloaded by following this link.

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